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Useful to know Rebuild of a Vincent Black Prince

As the club name suggests our common interest is old British bikes. The oldest in the club is a 1937 BSA Sloper with some of our members having Modern Hinckley Triumphs. We've got a couple of Arial Singles, a T110, and a 1940s Guzzi 500, 3 Velocette 500s, a C11, B31, B33, 4 Commandos, Bonnevilles, A65s, A10s, a Rapide or two as well as a lot more I can't remember. Most members have more than one bike and together we've a nice mixture of new and old.


Club members bikes & faces from our clubnights
Micks tasty Z900   Martins misfortune
Kevin ,his T110 & roller   A probably smiling Neil with his Super Rocket
A very loud ES2   A close-up of Neils seat is essential
A cheerful Alan with his very nice T100   Andrew + Red Hunter
Goffys Dommi - look, it's just starting to rain   Kevins M21. He's blown it up now!
Don't know why he's looking so happy, his bike won't go   A visiting Brough on a Wednesday

Howard on his tidy Velo

  Neils Super Rocket
New game, Dermot & Indians   Frog to Jim "If you kiss me I'll turn into a ....."
Jims Commando, finished. And very good it looks too. What you can't see is the big valve head, Williams PW3 camshaft and all sorts of other stuff, so it goes as well as it looks.   Marks Velo taking FTD at Kop Hill hill climb
Dermot recovering during major gearbox surgery at the NOC rally in Evje, Norway.
  Grahams and Malcolms A65s and Howards Velocette
Goffy with his A10 (right) at The Ace Cafe BSA day with Mark Wilsmore, owner of the Ace (left) and another dustbin man   Graham with the A65 outstripping all the opposition at Brands hatch
Goffys old Commando, long gone now.   Dermots Commando unusually in one piece.
Some club members bikes at a local event in High Wycombe .   Alan and Brendans Triumphs on a club run in Wales a few years ago now.
Tony Pages 1937 2H Triumph, winner of lots of trophies   Jims new toy, a 1972 750 Commando, a good runner but needs some tidying up so he's going to strip it right down.
Jims T21 featured in The Sept. 2002 issue of 'Goggle', a Japanese "Magazine for bike people"   Another view of Jims garden, this time cultivating a now naked and shivering Commando
It's starting to get back together with lots of new shiny bits.   Rebuild well under way then. Hope Jim can remember where all the bits go
Jims Commando's got an engine...   and a very flash 4 pot caliper
Goffys Norbsa   A scabby old Vincent.